Terms & Conditions

Where ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is used, this means Victoria Newton Bespoke

An initial consultation of 1 hour will be free of charge and will be held under a no obligation basis.

A written estimate for the service required will be provided after the initial consultation. If the customer wishes to proceed further, then the customer will be required to accept all estimates in writing (using the acceptance reply slip provided or via email), and to accept these terms and conditions. This will form an agreement between the Client and Victoria Newton Bespoke.

A non-returnable deposit (specified in the estimate) will be required with the customer’s written acceptance.

Victoria Newton Bespoke will proceed with the service requested only after the written acceptance and deposit have been received.

All quotes will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless otherwise advised.

All payments to Victoria Newton Bespoke should be made in cash, cheque or Bacs payment using the account details on the estimate.

Work will not start until cleared payment is received.

We give a delivery timescale of 6 – 8 weeks for the majority of our work (subject to receipt of deposit, clearance of funds and availability of materials). The Client should understand that acceptance of the estimate or quotation also means that the delivery timescale is accepted.

A non-returnable deposit of 70 % will be required upon acceptance of the estimate. Unless such a deposit is received, the work cannot proceed. Clearance of funds will be required before any purchases are made. Work will proceed as agreed once the funds are cleared.

If the Client provides the required measurements, then all items subsequently made will be done so in accordance with them. We can take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from inaccurate measuring by the Client. Such errors may be rectified, but will be at an additional cost to the customer.

We cannot be held responsible for any materials going out of stock between quotation acceptance and materials purchase. Any monies received with respect to such an order will be refunded.

The Client will be notified when the items have been completed and this will be deemed as the completion date. Finished goods will be delivered at an agreed time with the Client within fourteen days of this completion date.

The balance of payment will be due on the day of delivery (unless another agreement is arranged). At this point, the Client will be required to check the goods, and sign an acceptance form. The property and ownership of the goods does not pass to the buyer until paid for in full.

Where the customer supplies the fabric, we cannot be responsible for flaws, faults or inconsistency of pattern. Where possible we will work around such problems but extra work or fabric required to do so will be paid for by the customer. Fabrics should be clearly marked with the right/wrong side and pattern direction.

There may be a surcharge where many small pieces are supplied from which to make an item.

All fabrics chosen should be handled with care. Advice for their suitability for washing / dry cleaning can be sought from the fabric supplier. However, when a combination of fabrics have been used (for example where lined curtains have been made, or where trimmings have been applied) rates of shrinkage between fabrics may differ causing the item in question to be pulled out of shape. We suggest that ALL fabrics be treated as dry clean only unless otherwise stated, and can take no responsibility for any damage occurring to items due to cleaning in the wrong manner. In cases where interlining has been used, even dry cleaning may not be possible, and it is recommended that cleaning is done by means of gentle vacuuming. We can take no responsibility for fabric behaviour once within its intended destination. Any shrinkage due to high humidity, improper cleaning, or any other reason, or damage or mis-shaping arising from mishandling or other improper use will not be the fault of Victoria Newton Bespoke.

We can advise on fixtures and fittings. However we can take no responsibility for any damage to property during or after the attachment of such fixtures or fittings by the customer or customer’s representative. Roman and roller blinds will be supplied with safety devices in accordance with BS EN 13120 . Should the Client, refuse the fitting of safety boxes during installation, or remove safety boxes once fitters leave the client’s premises, Victoria Newton Bespoke takes no responsibility for injury or death as a result.

If the client wishes to change curtain poles / tracks or other such fittings after precise measurements have been taken by us, then the customer must inform us of such a change in writing, and new measurements will need to be taken by us and may incur an additional cost. If any change in dimensions results in extra work being required to ensure the window treatment(s) fit, then a charge will be incurred based upon the current hourly rate. The customer will be advised of this prior to proceeding with any rectification, and will agree in writing to the additional work and charges.

If the customer provides the required measurements, then all items subsequently made will be done so in accordance with them. We can take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from inaccurate or incorrect measuring by the customer. Such errors may be rectified where possible, but this will be at additional cost to the customer.